Crowdsourced Marketing

Imagine dozens of people competing to Sell your listing


Posting with a Commission

In addition to the excellent features we offer everyone for free, if you’re looking for EXTRA exposure we’ve also got you covered. Why would you want extra exposure? Let’s say you sell a product that people have never really heard of or simply aren’t actively searching for, or maybe you’re trying to sell products that people don’t know they want yet (like a new revolutionary gadget). There’s a field on the posting page that says “Commission.” By entering a commission greater than $0 you immediately gain access to our network of BriskSellers.


BriskSellers find a buyer for your product

First of all, who is a BriskSeller and what do they do? Anyone with good marketing skills can ​become a BriskSeller. Many of our BriskSellers are college students trying to make money on the side. BriskSellers surf the site, find products they believe they can sell, and then start marketing (offline, online, etc.). If they successfully find a buyer for your item(s), they will receive the commission you posted. By leveraging their expertise and personal networks, your product(s) not only have a higher chance of selling, but also do so faster.



At this point, the BriskSeller has done their job and you use the site as usual. If you’re offering Local pickup, make arrangements with your Buyer. If you’re shipping, please ship out as soon as possible. We guarantee your buyer’s payment and send it directly to your Venmo or bank account once the item has been delivered/confirmed. We do not take a cut.

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