Drew's Variety

The family business of an unnatural profession...

Drew's Variety

Oak Harbor, United States
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Drew's Variety

The Family Business...My brother and I have always been on the road traveling the United States helping others when no one else would, we had to make legit money while doing so; so we began selling things online...One day I struck a case of amnesia, my ex girlfriend (a saint and a pain) re-educated me on how to do so but she hated me doing it; because she loved selling product online more than I did, I tried working the basic 9 to 5 job; but my temper got the best of me and my bosses didn't comply with my needs...

I lost my brother during a case years ago...and my ex though I was a loser and betrayed me by sleeping with a friend of mine...And other things...

Selling brand new product online is my unnatural lively-hood ...


(regardless of the Coronavirus, I'm still open...)

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