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Display Geek, Inc.

CA, United States
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Display Geek, Inc.

Display Geek, Inc. was created to fill a void in the hearts of all toy collectors.

My collection of action figures, vinyl toys & memorabilia from the 80's & 90's had created a large problem: "I am running out of room for all of this stuff!" In 2014 I decided that I would find a way to efficiently move things from bookshelves, entertainment centers, tables, cabinets & floors and move them up in the air out of the way while still showing them off. The largest addiction was with vinyl collectibles and an obsession with a little blue guy with an arm cannon. I built myself a prototype and decided the rest of the world needed to see this simple creation.

Display Geek, Inc. is a company created by a nerd to save humanity from clutter, because "Stop collecting" is not an option.

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