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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 196 EUROPE Tabs And Play 59 Backing Tracks
Learn All 71 WHITE LION Tabs And Play To 10 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

All Or Nothing
Always The Pretenders
Boyazont intro
Brave And Beautiful Soul
Break Free
Carrie solo
Catch That Plane
Coast To Coast
Dance The Night Away
Dance The Night Away intro
Danger On The Track
Devil Sings The Blues
Devil Sings The Blues intro
Dreamer solo
Firebox solo
Forever Traveling intro
Getaway Plan
Gateway Plan intro
Girl From Lebanon
Gonna Get Ready
Got To Have Faith
Halfway To Heaven
Heart Of Stone
Hero solo
Human After All intro
Human After All solo
Human After All
I 'll Cry For You
In The Future To Come
Last Look At Eden
Let The Children Play
Let The Children Play Intro
Let The Good Times Rock
Little Bit Of Lovin
Love Chaser
Love Is Not The Enemy
Love Is Not The Enemy intro
Love To Love Live
More Than Meets The Eye
Mothers Son
Mothers Son intro
New Love In Town
New Love In Town intro
Never Say Die
Never Say Die intro
On The Loose
Open Your Heart Solo
Open Your Heart
Prisoners In Paradise
Ready Or Not
Reason intro
Rock The Night
Scream Of Anger
Scream Of Anger solo
Secret Society
Settle For Love intro
Seven Doors Hotel
Sign Of The Times
Spirit Of The Underdog
Start From The Dark
Sucker intro
Superstitious solo
The Final Countdown Acoustic
The Final Countdown (Heavymetal remix 1)
The Final Countdown (Heavymetal remix 2)
The Final Countdown
The Final Countdown Studio solo
Time Has Come
Towers Callin
Wake Up Call
Wake Up Call intro
Wish I Could Believe
Yesterdays News
Yesterdays News intro

All Join Our Hands
Blue Monday
Broken Heart Original
Broken Heart
Broken Home
Cherokee (Acoustic)
Cry For Freedom
Don't Give Up
Don't Give Up solo
Don't Say It's Over Solo
Going Home Tonight
It's Over Intro
Lady Of The Valley
Let's Go Crazy
Little Fighter
Little Fighter Solo
Living On The Edge
Lonely Nights
Love Don't Come Easy
Radar Love
Radar Love solo
Tell Me
Till Death Do Us Part
When The Children Cry
You 're All I Need

All Songs Listed Below are Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

Always The Pretenders Intro tab
Aphasia Part 1 solo tab
Carrie Acoustic chords
Carrie bass tab
Carrie Live Acoustic chords
Carrie Live Solo tab
Carrie Outro tab
Cherokee Acoustic chords
Cherokee bass tab
Cherokee solo tab
Children Of This Time chords
Coast To Coast Acoustic chords
Coast To Coast solo tab
Come Back Home Intro tab
Come Back Home Solo tab
Come Back Home tab
Danger On The Track intro bass
Days Of Rock N Roll Intro tab
Days Of Rock N Roll tab
Devil Sings The Blues Live Acoustic chords
Dreamer Acoustic chords
Forever Traveling Intro tab
Forever Traveling Outro tab
Forever Traveling Solo tab
Forever Traveling tab
Girl From Lebanon intro tab
Girl From Lebanon Live intro tab
Halfway To Heaven intro tab
Halfway To Heaven Live Intro tab
Heart Of Stone intro tab
Heart Of Stone Live Intro tab
Hero Intro tab
Hero Live Solo tab
Homeland chords
Human After All intro tab
Ill Cry For You Acoustic chords
Ill Cry For You Acoustic tab
Ill Cry For You Intro tab
Ill Cry For You Solo tab
In My Time chords
In The Future To Come intro tab
Last Look At Eden bass tab
Last Look At Eden Intro tab
Last Look At Eden Outro tab
Last Look At Eden Solo tab
Little Bit Of Lovin Intro tab
Little Bit Of Lovin tab
Love Chaser Acoustic chords
Love To Love Live Acoustic chords
New Love In Town Acoustic chords
New Love In Town Intro tab
New Love In Town Solo tab
No Stone Unturned chords
Not Supposed To Sing The Blues intro tab
Open Your Heart Acoustic chords
Open Your Heart Intro tab
Open Your Heart Live Solo tab
Reason Intro tab
Reason Solo tab
Reason tab
Rock The Night Acoustic chords
Rock The Night bass tab
Rock The Night Intro tab
Rock The Night Live Acoustic chords
Rock The Night Live solo tab
Rock The Night Outro Solo tab
Rock The Night Solo tab
Scream Of Anger Acoustic chords
Settle For Love chords
Settle For Love Live Intro tab
Seven Doors Hotel Acoustic chords
Seven Doors Hotel intro tab
Seven Doors Hotel solo tab
Sign Of The Times solo tab
Six Two Eight chords
Spirit Of The Underdog Intro tab
Spirit Of The Underdog Outro tab
Spirit Of The Underdog Solo tab
Sucker Live Intro tab
Sucker Solo tab
Sucker tab
Superstitious Acoustic chords
Superstitious Intro tab
Superstitious Live Solo tab
Superstitious Outro tab
Talk To Me Acoustic chords
The Final Countdown Acoustic chords
The Final Countdown bass tab
The Final Countdown Intro tab
The Final Countdown Live Acoustic chords
The Final Countdown Live Intro tab
The Final Countdown Live Solo tab
The Final Countdown Outro tab
The Final Countdown Solo tab
The King Will Return tab
The Siege tab
Time Has Come Acoustic chords
Tomorrow Acoustic chords
Towers Callin solo tab
Vasastan Intro tab
Vasastan Outro Solo tab
Wake Up Call Live Intro tab
Wake Up Call Solo tab
War Of Kings Intro tab
War Of Kings Outro tab
War Of Kings Solo tab
Wings Of Tomorrow tab
Yesterdays News Acoustic chords

All Join Our Hands Intro tab
All Join Our Hands Outro tab
Baby Be Mine solo tab
Broken Heart Acoustic chords
Broken Heart Intro tab
Broken Heart Outro tab
Broken Heart Solo tab
Farewell To You Acoustic chords
Farewell to you chords
Farewell To You Live Acoustic chords
Hungry intro tab
Its Over chords
Lady Of The Valley Intro tab
Leave Me Alone solo tab
Little Fighter Acoustic chords
Little Fighter Intro tab
Little Fighter Outro tab
Little Fighter Solo tab
Lonely Nights Intro tab
Love Dont Come Easy Acoustic chords
Radar Love Intro tab
Radar Love Outro tab
Radar Love Solo tab
Sweet Little Lovin tab
Tell Death Do Us Part solo tab
Tell Me Acoustic chords
Till Death Do Us Part Acoustic chords
Till Death Do Us Part bass tab
Till Death Do Us Part Intro tab
Till Death Do Us Part Live Acoustic chords
Till Death Do Us Part Live Solo tab
Till Death Do Us Part Outro Solo tab
Wait Acoustic chords
Wait Intro tab
Wait Outro tab
When The Children Cry Acoustic chords
When The Children Cry intro tab
When The Children Cry Live Acoustic chords

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