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Welcome to USA Pro Guitar & Bass Tabs

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This Lesson CD will work for Windows, Linux and MAC computers

Every CD Will Have The Following:
Tuxguitar Software Installation, Tuxguitar Tabs, Backing Tracks, Tablature Ebooks, Bonus PDF Tabs, Text Format Printable Tabs, Instructions and Free Bonuses Listed at the bottom of this AD

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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 275 CLUTCH Tabs And Play 1 Backing Track
Learn All 101 BARONESS Tabs

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

50,000 Unstoppable Watts
A Shogun Named Marcus
Abraham Lincoln
Basket Of Eggs
Big News 2
Burning Beard
Careful With That MIC
Clutcho - Flyleaf
Crucial Velocity
Doom Saloon
Drink To The Dead
Earth Rocker
Eight Times Over Miss October
Electric Worry
Electric Worry Intro
Emily Dickinson
Escape From The Prison Planet
Gimme The Keys
Gone Cold
Hoodoo Operator
How To Shake Hands
Incomparable Mr. Flannery
Notes From The Trial Of La Curandera
Open Up The Border
Power Player
Profits Of Doom
Promoter Of Earthbound Causes
Pulaski Skyway
Rock N Roll Outlaw
Sea Of Destruction
Subtle Hustle
Sucker For The Witch
Swollen Goat
The Devil And Me
The Elephant Riders
The Mob Goes Wild
The Soapmakers
The Wolf Man Kindly Requests
Unto The Breach
What Would A Wooikie Do
Worm Drink
X-Ray Visions

A Horse Called Golgotha
Blackpowder Orchard
Bullheads Psalm
Chlorine And Wine
Cockroach En Fleur Acoustic
Front Towards Enemy
Hidden Track
Jake Leg
March To The Sea
Morningstar Live
O Appalachia
Ogeechee Hymnal
Rays On Pinion
Red Sky Intro
Red Sky
Shock Me
Swollen And Halo
The Birthing
The Gnashing
The Line Between
The Sweetest Curse
Tower Falls
Twinkler Acoustic
Wailing Wintry Wind
War Wisdom And Rhyme
Yellow Theme

All Songs Listed Below are in Chords, Tabs in text and in PDF

7 Jam
7 Jam Bass tab
12 Ounce Epilogue bass tab
24 Earth Years bass tab
10000 Witnesses bass tab
10000 Witnesses tab
50000 Unstoppable Watts bass tab
10001110101 bass tab
A Quick Death In Texas bass tab
A Quick Death In Texas tab
A Shogun Named Marcus bass tab
Abraham Lincoln bass tab
Abraham Lincoln intro tab
American Sleep bass tab
Americam Sleep tab
Animal Farm tab
Animal Farm Bass tab
Army Of Bono bass tab
Bacchanal tab
Bacchanal Bass tab
Basket Of Eggs Acoustic chords
Basket Of Eggs Bass tab
Basket Of Eggs tab
Behold The Colossus tab
Big News 1 tab
Big News 1 Bass tab
Big News 2 tab
Big News 2 Bass tab
Binge And Purge tab
Binge And Purge Bass tab
Black Umbrella bass tab
Book Of Bad Decisions bass tab
Bottoms Up Socrates tab
Bottoms Up Socrates Bass tab
Brazenhead tab
Brazenhead Bass tab
Burning Beard bass tab
Burning Beard intro tab
Careful With That Mic bass tab
Child Of The City bass tab
Child Of The City tab
Circus Maximus bass tab
Circus Maximus intro tab
Circus Maximus tab
Come On Motherf**cker tab
Crackerjack tab
Crucial Velocity bass tab
Cyborg Bette tab
Cypress Grove tab
Cypress Grove bass tab
David Rose bass tab
Dc Sound Attack bass tab
Decapitation Blues tab
Devil And Me tab
Drink To The Dead bass tab
Drink To The Dead Demo tab
Droid bass tab
Earth Rocker tab
Earth Rocker Bass tab
Earthworm bass tab
Earthworm tab
Easy Breeze tab
Effigy bass tab
Eight Times Over Miss October tab
El Jefe Speaks bass tab
Electric Worry bass tab
Electric Worry chords
Elephant Riders bass tab
Emily Dickinson bass tab
Escape From The Prison Planet bass tab
Escape From The Prison Planet chords
Evil bass tab
Far Country bass tab
Four Lords tab
Freakonomics bass tab
From Beale Street To Oblivion Album bass tab
Ghost bass tab
Ghost chords
Ghoul Wrangler tab
Gimme The Keys bass tab
Gone Cold bass tab
Gravel Road bass tab
Gravel Road tab
Green Buckets bass tab
Guild Of Mute Assassins chords
Guild Of Mute Assassins tab
Gullah bass tab
Gullah tab
Heirloom 13 bass tab
Heirloom 13 tab
High Caliber Consecrator tab
How To Shake Hands bass tab
I Have The Body tab
I Have The Body Bass tab
I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth bass tab
Immortal bass tab
Immortal tab
Impetus bass tab
Impetus tab
In Walks Barbarella bass tab
In Walks Barbarella tab
Incomparable Mr Flannery bass tab
Jesus On The Dashboard bass tab
King Of Arizona tab
Land Of Pleasant Living bass tab
Let A Poor Man Be tab
Mice And Gods tab
Mice And Gods Bass tab
Milk Of Human Kindness bass tab
Milk Of Human Kindness tab
Minotaur bass tab
Minotaur tab
Molt bass tab
Molt tab
Motherless Child tab
Motherless Child Bass tab
Mr Freedom tab
Mr Shiny Cadillackness bass tab
Muchas Veces bass tab
Never Be Moved bass tab
Never Be Moved tab
Night Hag tab
Noble Savage bass tab
Noble Savage tab
Notes From The Trial Of La Curandera bass tab
Oh, Isabella tab
Oh, Isabella Bass tab
One Eye Dollar bass tab
One Eye Dollar tab
Open Up The Border bass tab
Open The Border tab
Opossum Minister tab
Opossum Minister Bass tab
Oregon tab
Our Lady Of Electric Light bass tab
Our Lady Of Electric Light Acoustic chords
Our Lady Of Electric Light tab
Power Player bass tab
Profits Of Doom bass tab
Promoter bass tab
Pulaski Skyway bass tab
Pure Rock Fury tab
Raised By Horses tab
Rapture Of Riddley Walker bass tab
Rats bass tab
Release The Kracken intro tab
Red Horse Rainbow tab
Red Horse Rainbow Bass tab
Rising Son tab
Rock N Roll Outlaw bass tab
Sinkemlow tab
Sleestak Lightning bass tab
Sleestak Lightning tab
Small Upsetters bass tab
Smoke Banshee tab
Son Of Virginia bass tab
Son Of Virginia chords
Son Of Virginia tab
Sonic Counselor bass tab
Sonic Counselor tab
Spacegrass tab
Spacegrass Bass tab
Spacegrass intro tab
Spirit Of 76 bass tab
Spleen Merchant tab
Struck Down tab
Struck Down Bass tab
Struck Down Solo tab
Sucker For The Witch bass tab
Swamp Boot Upside Down tab
Texan Book Of The Dead tab
Texan Book Of The Dead Bass tab
The Amazing Kreskin tab
The Devil And Me bass tab
The Dragonfly intro tab
The Drifter tab
The Face tab
The Face Bass Tab
The Great Outdoors bass tab
The House That Peterbilt tab
The House That Peterbilt Bass tab
The Mob Goes Wild bass tab
The Mob Goes Wild solo tab
The Rapture Of Riddley Walker tab
The Rapture Of Riddley Walker Bass tab
The Regulator Acoustic bass tab
The Regulator bass tab
The Regulator intro tab
The Soapmakers bass tab
The Yeti bass tab
Tight Like That tab
Tight Like That Bass tab
Tight Like That Acoustic tab
Tim Sult Vs The Greys tab
Tripping The Alarm bass tab
Tripping The Alarm tab
Unto The Breach tab
Unto The Breach Bass tab
Vision Quest tab
Walking In The Great Shining Path Of Monster Trucks bass tab
Walking In The Great Shining Path Of Monster Trucks tab
What Would A Wookie Do bass tab

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