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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 137 GHOST Tabs And 22 Backing Tracks
Learn All 205 OPETH Tabs And 22 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

Body And Blood
Cirice Acoustic Live
Con Clavi Con Dio
Crucified Intro
Dance Macabre
Death Knell
Depths Of Satan's Eyes
Deus In Abstentia
Devil Church
From The Pinnacle To The Pit
Ghuleh Zombie Queen
He Is Acoustic
He Is
Here Comes The Sun
If You Have Ghost
I'm A Marionette
Its A Sin
Jigolo Har Megiddo
Kiss The Go-Goat
Missionary Man
Monstrance Clock
Mummy Dust
Nocturnal Me
Per Aspera Ad Inferi
Prime Mover
Satan Prayer
Secular Haze
Square Hammer
Stand By Him
Waiting For The Night
Witch Image
Year Zero

A Fair Judgement
A Fleeting Glance
April Ethereal
Beneath The Mire
Black Rose Immortal
Blackwater Park
Burden Acoustic Solo
By The Pain I See In Others
Circle Of The Tyrants
Cusp Of Eternity
Death Whispered A Lullaby
Demon Of The Fall
Den Standiga Resan
Derelict Herds
Dirge For November
Dirge For November Solo
Elysian Woes
Ending Credits
Era Intro
Eternal Rains Will Come Solo
Eternal Rains Will Come
Face In The Snow
Face Of Melinda
Faith In Others
Folklore Intro
Folklore Solo
For Absent Friends
Forest Of October
Fredrik Akesson Masterclass
Ghost Of Perdition
Godheads Lament
Harlequin Forest
Harvest Intro
Heart In Hand
Heir Apparent
Heir Apparent Intro
Heritage Acoustic
Hessian Peel
Hex Omega
Hope Leaves
Hours Of Wealth
I Feel The Dark
In Mist She Was Standing
In My Time Of Need
Isolation Years
Lovelorn Crime Solo
Marrow Of The Earth
Masters Apprentices
Moon Above Sun Below Solo
Moon Above Sun Below
Moonlapse Vertigo
Nectar Solo
Patterns In The Ivy Ii
Patterns In The Ivy
Persephone Slight Return
Porcelain Heart
Serenity Painted Death
Sorceress 2 Acoustic
Still Day Beneath The Sun
The Amen Corner
The Apostle In Triumph Intro
The Apostle In Triumph
The Baying Of The Hounds Solo
The Baying Of The Hounds
The Devils Orchard
The Drapery Falls
The Funeral Portrait
The Grand Conjuration
The Leper Affinity
The Lines In My Hand
The Lotus Eater Intro
The Lotus Eater
The Moor
The Night And The Silent Water
The Throat Of Winter
The Twilight Is My Robe
To Bid You Farewell
To Rid The Disease
Under The Weeping Moon
White Cluster
Will O The Wisp Acoustic
Will O The Wisp

All Songs Listed Below are in Chords, Tabs in text and in PDF

Absolution bass tab
Bible tab
Body And Blood bass tab
Body And Blood chords
Cirice bass tab
Cirice chords
Cirice solo tab
Con Clavi Con Dio bass tab
Crucified bass tab
Crucified chords
Dance Macabre bass tab
Dance Macabre chords
Dance Macabre Solo tab
Death Knell bass tab
Depth Of Satans Eyes bass tab
Deus In Absentia bass tab
Deus In Absentia chords
Devil Church bass tab
Elizabeth bass tab
Elizabeth chords
Faith bass tab
From The Pinnacle To The Pit bass tab
Genesis bass tab
Ghuleh Zombie Queen Acoustic tab
Ghuleh Zombie Queen bass tab
Ghuleh Zombie Queen chords
He Is Acoustic tab
He Is bass tab
He Is chords
He Is intro tab
Helvetesfönster Solo tab
Here Comes The Sun chords
Hyperdontia chords
Idolatrine bass tab
Idolatrine chords
Idolatrine Tab
If You Have Ghosts Acoustic chords
If You Have Ghosts bass tab
If You Have Ghosts solo tab
I Believe Chords
Im A Marionette bass tab
Im A Marionette chords
Infestissumam album bass tab
Infestissumam bass tab
Jigolo Har Megiddo Acoustic tab
Jigolo Har Megiddo bass tab
Jigolo Har Megiddo chords
Kiss The Go-Goat Solo tab
La Mantra Mori bass tab
La Mantra Mori tab
Life Eternal bass tab
Life Eternal chords
Life Eternal tab
Majesty bass tab
Mary On A Cross chords
Miasma bass tab
Miasma Solo tab
Missionary Man bass tab
Monstrance Clock bass tab
Monstrance Clock chords
Mummy Dust bass tab
Opus Eponymous album bass tab
Per Aspera Ad Inferi bass tab
Prime Mover bass tab
Pro Memoria bass tab
Pro Memoria chords
Pro Memoria tab
Rats bass tab
Rats chords
Rats Intro tab
Rats Solo tab
Red Slippers Red Wheels Midwest Reprise tab
Ritual Bass Tab
Ritual solo tab
Satan Prayer bass tab
Secular Haze bass tab
See The Light bass tab
See The Light chords
See The Light tab
Spirit bass tab
Square Hammer Acoustic chords
Square Hammer bass tab
Square Hammer intro tab
Square Hammer solo tab
Stand By Him bass tab
Waiting For The Night bass tab
Witch Image bass tab
Witch Image chords
Year Zero Acoustic chords
Year Zero bass tab
Zenith chords

A Fair Judgement chords
Advent bass tab
Benighted solo tab
Blackwater Park bass tab
Bleak bass tab
Bridge Of Sighs intro tab
Burden bass tab
Burden chords
Chrysalis tab
Cody You Birthday Song tab
Credence bass tab
Death Whispered A Lullaby bass tab
Deliverance bass tab
Demon Of The Fall bass tab
Demon Of The Fall solo tab
Den Standiga Resan chords
Dirge For November bass tab
Ending Credits bass tab
Ending Credits chords
Ending Credits solo tab
Epilogue bass tab
Era tab
Face Of Melinda bass tab
Faith In Others chords
Famine solo tab
Folklore bass tab
Forest Of October bass tab
Ghost Of Perdition solo tab
Goblin tab
Godheads Lament bass tab
Harvest bass tab
Harvest chords
Heir Apparent solo tab
Hessian Peel intro tab
Hessian Peel solo tab
Hex Omega intro tab
Hope Leaves bass tab
Hours Of Wealth bass tab
Hours Of Wealth chords
Hours Of Wealth solo tab
In Mist She Was Standing bass tab
In My Time Of Need bass tab
In My Time Of Need chords
Lovelorn Crime chords
Madrigal intro tab
Masters Apprentices intro tab
Masters Apprentices solo tab
Moonlapse Vertigo bass tab
Nepenthe solo tab
Nepenthe tab
Patterns In The Ivy bass tab
Persephone Acoustic tab
Porcelain Heart bass tab
Porcelain Heart intro tab
Remember Tomorrow intro tab
Requiem bass tab
Reverie Harlequin Forest tab
River chords
River tab
Serenity Painted Death solo tab
Soldier Of Fortune chords
Soldier Of Fortune tab
Sorceress 2 chords
Spring Mcmlxxiv chords
Spring Mcmlxxiv solo Acoustic tab
The Amen Corner bass tab
The Baying Of The Hounds bass tab
The Drapery Falls bass tab
The Funeral Portrait bass tab
The Grand Conjuration bass tab
The Grand Conjuration intro tab
The Leper Affinity bass tab
The Leper Affinity solo tab
The Lotus Eater bass tab
The Moor bass tab
The Twilight Is My Robe solo tab
The Ward intro tab
The Ward tab
The Wilde Flowers intro tab
The Wilde Flowers tab
To Bid You Farewell bass tab

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