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Welcome to USA Pro Guitar & Bass Tabs

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This Lesson CD will work for Windows, Linux and MAC computers

Every CD Will Have The Following:
Tuxguitar Software Installation, Tuxguitar Tabs, Backing Tracks, Tablature Ebooks, Bonus PDF Tabs, Text Format Printable Tabs, Instructions and Free Bonuses Listed at the bottom of this AD

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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 73 KANSAS Tabs And 12 Backing Tracks
Learn All 37 LITTLE RIVER BAND Tabs And 2 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

Bringing It Back
Can I Tell You
Carry On My Wayward Son
Cheyenne Anthem
Child Of Innocence Intro
Dust In The Wind
Dust in The Wind Solo
Hold On
Journey From Mariabronn
Lightning's Hand
Lonely Wind
Play The Game Tonight
Point Of Know Return
Song For America
The Pilgrimage
The Wall

Cool Change
Happy Anniversary
Help Is On It's Way
Lady Solo
Reminiscing Intro

All Songs Listed Below are in Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

All The World chords
Belexes bass tab
Bringing It Back bass tab
Can I Tell You bass tab
Carry On Wayward Son Acoustic intro tab
Carry On Wayward Son bass tab
Carry On Wayward Son chords
Carry On Wayward Son intro tab
Cheyenne Anthem chords
Child Of Innocence chords
Cold Grey Morning chords
Crowded Isolation chords
Devil Game tab
Dust In The Wind Acoustic chords
Dust In The Wind bass tab
Dust In The Wind intro tab
Dust In The Wind solo tab
Fight Fire With Fire chords
Fight Fire With Fire Intro tab
Hold On bass tab
Hold On chords
Hold On intro tab
Hold On solo tab
Icarus chords
Icarus Intro tab
Lamplight Symphony chords
Lightnings Hand bass tab
Lonely Street tab
Lonely Winds chords
Magnum Opus tab
Miracles Out Of Nowhere bass tab
Miracles Out Of Nowhere chords
Nobodys Home Acoustic Intro tab
Nobodys Home Acoustic Solo tab
On The Other Side chords
One Big Sky chords
Perfect Lover Partial tab
Play The Game Tonight bass tab
Play The Game Tonight chords
Play The Game Tonight intro tab
Point Of Know Return chords
Portrait He Knew chords
Power chords
Reason To Be chords
Song For America bass tab
Sparks Of The Tempest chords
The Coming Dawn tab
The Unsung Heroes Acoustic chords
The Wall bass tab
The Wall chords
Two Cents Worth tab
Whats On My Mind tab
When The World Was Young intro tab
With This Heart Acoustic chords

A Long Way There bass tab
Baby Come Back Chords
Baby Come Back intro tab
Cool Change chords
Cool Change solo tab
Down On The Border Chords
Forever Blue Chords
Happy Anniversary bass tab
Help Is On Its Way chords
Home On Monday Chords
Ill Always Call Your Name Chords
Its A Long Way There bass tab
Lady bass tab
Lady chords
Lady Intro tab
Lady solo tab
Light Of Day chords
Lonesome Loser Chords
Man On Your Mind Chords
Meanwhile intro tab
Middle Man chords
Mistress Of Mine chords
Reminiscing bass tab
Reminiscing chords
Reminiscing Intro tab
Reminiscing solo tab
Seine City Chords
Take It Easy On Me Chords
The Night Owls Chords
The Other Guy Chords

All Songs listed below are Backing Tracks in MP3 format
All Backing Tracks have bass, drums and some vocals

Carry On My Wayward Son
Down The Road
Dust In The Wind
Fight Fire With Fire
Icarus Born On Wings Of Steel
Play The Game Tonight
Point Of Know Return
Portrait He Knew
Sweet Child Of Innocence
The Devil Game
The Pinnacle

Help Is On It's Way
Lonesome Loser

Plus 237 Free Bonus Tuxguitar Tab Lessons On The CD Including:
44 Blues Lessons
7 Chord lessons
39 Heavy Metal Lessons
50 Rock Lick Lessons
46 Scales & Arpeggios Lessons
10 Shredding Lessons
9 Slide Lessons
32 Tapping Lessons
PDF Guitar Chord Chart
Digital Guitar Tuner

Tuxguitar CD's are Shipped Free First Class Mail With Delivery Confirmation in The United States

The Tabulature Is Played Using Tuxguitar Editing Software On Your Computer Screen
No More Having To Read The Bulk Of Tab Books
The Software Plays A Computerized Midi Version Of The Song That HIGHLIGHTS THE CHORDS AND NOTES Being Played Note By Note
The Guitar Fretboard At The Bottom Of The Screen Displays A DOT IMAGE With The Note Being Played
Improve Your Timing As You Learn Your Favorite Songs
There Are Stop, Pause, Play, Rewind And Fast Forward Buttons
Pause The Song Or Play The Song Slower And Repeat Sections That Are Tough
Auto Scroll While Playing
Loop Any Part Of A Song For Continuous Play
Convert Tabs To Midi And ASCII Format
Create And Edit Songs You Have Written While Changing The Tuning Of Your Strings
The Tabs Can Be Used With Guitar Pro Software
Digital Audio Sound And Many More Features
Tablature Editor
Score Viewer
Multitrack Display
Select Voice 1 Or Voice 2
Page Layout Or Linear Layout
Auto Scroll While Playing
Note Duration Management
Change Tuning For A Tracks Strings
Various Effects (Bend, Slide, Vibrato Hammer-On/Pull-Off)
Support for Triplets(5,6,7,9,10,11,12)
Repeat Open and Close
Time Signature Management
Tempo Management
On/Off Fret Board
On/Off Player
On/Off Mixer
Guitar Tuner
Add And Delete Markers
Imports And Exports gp3, gp4 And gp5 Files

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Local pickup available near area shown
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