Shinedown Flyleaf Guitar TAB Lesson CD 436 TABS 22 Backing Tracks + MEGA BONUS

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This Lesson CD will work for Windows, Linux and MAC computers

Every CD Will Have The Following:
Tuxguitar Software Installation, Tuxguitar Tabs, Backing Tracks, Tablature Ebooks, Bonus PDF Tabs, Text Format Printable Tabs, Instructions and Free Bonuses Listed at the bottom of this AD

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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 264 SHINEDOWN Tabs And 14 Backing Tracks
Learn All 172 FLYLEAF Tabs And 22 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

45 Acoustic
Attention Attention
Begin Again
Beyond The Sun
Black Soul
Burning Bright
Call Me
Carried Away
Crow And The Butterfly
Crow And The Butterfly solo
Cry For Help
Crying Out
Cut The Cord
Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
Diamond Eyes
Fly From The Inside
For My Sake
Her Name Is Alice
I Dare You
I Own You
If You Only Knew
I'll Follow You
In Memory
Lady So Divine
Left Out
My Name (Wearing Me Out)
Save Me
Second Chance
Shed Some Light
Simple Man
Sin With A Grin
Someday Acoustic
Sound Of Madness
The Human Radio
Trade Yourself In
Through The Ghost Acoustic
What A Shame
Yer Majesty

All Around Me
All Around Me Acoustic
Amy Says
Beautiful Bride
Breathe Today
Broken Wings Solo
Broken Wings
Call You Out
Cassie Acoustic
Christmas Song
City Kids
Eyes To See
Fire Fire
Fully Alive
Im So Sick
Im So Sick Live
New Horizons
Ocean Waves
Set Me On Fire
So I Thought
Something I Can Never Have
The Kind
There For You

All Songs Listed Below are Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

45 bass tab
45 chords
45 intro tab
Adrenaline bass tab
Adrenaline intro tab
Adrenaline solo tab
All I Ever Wanted bass tab
All I Ever Wanted tab
Amaryllis chords
Amaryllis solo tab
Asking For It bass tab
Asking For It chords
Asking For It tab
Atmosphere intro tab
Atmosphere Solo tab
Attention Attention chords
Begin Again intro tab
Begin Again tab
Better Version tab
Better Version Bass tab
Beyond The Sun chords
Beyond The Sun intro tab
Beyond The Sun Solo tab
Black Cadillac chords
Black Soul chords
Break chords
Breaking Inside chords
Breaking Inside tab
Breaking Inside Bass tab
Breaking Inside solo tab
Brilliant chords
Bully bass tab
Bully chords
Bully intro tab
Bully solo tab
Burning Bright bass tab
Burning Bright chords
Burning Bright intro tab
Call Me bass tab
Call Me chords
Call Me intro tab
Carried Away chords
Creatures chords
Crow And The Butterfly bass tab
Crow And The Butterfly chords
Crow And The Butterfly intro tab
Crow And The Butterfly solo tab
Cry For Help bass tab
Cry For Help intro tab
Cry For Help solo tab
Crying Out bass tab
Crying Out intro tab
Cut The Cord bass tab
Cut The Cord chords
Cut The Cord intro tab
Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide bass tab
Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide intro tab
Dangerous chords
Darkside chords
Devil chords
Devil tab
Devour Acoustic bass tab
Devour Acoustic tab
Devour bass tab
Devour intro tab
Diamond Eyes bass tab
Diamond Eyes Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom chords
Diamond Eyes intro tab
Diamond Eyes solo tab
Dirthouse Acoustic intro tab
Dirthouse intro tab
Dirthouse tab
Enemies bass tab
Enemies chords
Enemies intro tab
Enemies solo tab
Fake bass tab
Fake chords
Fake intro tab
Fake solo tab
Falling Fearless tab
Fly From The Inside Acoustic tab
Fly From The Inside bass tab
Fly From The Inside chords
Fly From The Inside intro tab
For My Sake chords
For My Sake intro tab
For My Sake solo tab
Get Up chords
Her Name Is Alice bass tab
Her Name Is Alice chords
Her Name Is Alice intro tab
Heroes bass tab
Heroes chords
Heroes intro tab
Heroes solo tab
How Did You Love bass tab
How Did You Love chords
I Dare You Acoustic chords
I Dare You Acoustic tab
I Dare You bass tab
I Dare You intro tab
I Dare You solo tab
I Own You chords
I Own You intro tab
I Own You solo tab
If You Only Knew chords
If You Only Knew tab
If You Only Knew Bass tab
If You Only Knew intro tab
If You Only Knew solo tab
Ill Follow You chords
Ill Follow You solo tab
Im Alive Bass tab
Im Alive chords
Im Alive tab
Im Not Alright tab
Im Not Alright chords
In Memory bass tab
In Memory intro tab
Junkies For Fame intro tab
Junkies For Fame Acoustic Live tab
Kill Your Conscience chords
Lacerated bass tab
Lacerated intro tab
Lady So Devine intro tab
Lady So Divine tab
Leave A Whisper album tab
Left Out bass tab
Left Out intro tab
London Calling tab
Lost In A Crowd bass tab
Lost In The Crowd chords
Lost In The Crowd tab
Lost In The Crowd Solo tab
Miracle Acoustic tab
Miracle chords
Miracle intro tab
Miracle solo tab
Misfits chords
Monsters chords
Monsters intro tab
Monsters solo tab
My Name Wearing Me Out bass tab
My Name Wearing Me Out chords
My Name Wearing Me Out intro tab
Never Gonna Let Go Live Acoustic chords
No More Love bass tab
No More Love tab
Notice Me intro tab
Nowhere Kids tab
One (U2 Cover) tab
Outcast chords
Outcast tab
Pyro chords
Pyro intro tab
Save Me Acoustic chords
Save Me Acoustic tab
Save Me bass tab
Save Me intro tab
Save Me solo tab
Second Chance bass tab
Second Chance chords
Second Chance intro tab
Shed Some Light chords
Shed Some Light intro tab
Simple Man Acoustic tab
Simple Man bass tab
Simple Man chords
Simple Man intro tab
Simple Man solo tab
Sin With A Grin tab
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay tab
Someday chords
Someday intro tab
Someone Like You chords
Soon Forgotten chords
Son Of Sam chords
Son Of Sam tab
Sound Of Madness bass tab
Sound Of Madness chords
Sound Of Madness intro tab
Sound Of Madness solo tab
Special chords
State Of My Head Acoustic tab
State Of My Head chords
Stranger Inside tab
Stranger Inside Bass tab
The Energy bass tab
The Energy tab
Thick As Thieves chords
Through The Ghost chords
Through The Ghost tab
Through The Ghost intro tab
Trade Yourself In chords
Trade Yourself In intro tab
Unity chords
Unity intro tab
Unity solo tab
What A Shame Acoustic chords
What A Shame bass tab
What A Shame intro tab
What A Shame solo tab
Yer Majesty bass tab
Yer Majesty intro tab

Again Acoustic chords
Again Acoustic Live tab
Again bass tab
Again intro tab
Again Live tab
All Around Me Acoustic chords
All Around Me Acoustic Live tab
All Around Me album tab
All Around Me bass tab
All Around Me intro tab
Amy Says bass tab
Amy Says chords
Arise bass tab
Arise chords
Arise tab
Beautiful Bride bass tab
Beautiful Bride chords
Believe In Dreams chords
Believe In Dreams intro tab
Bittersweet chords
Break Your Knees bass tab
Break Your Knees chords
Breathe Today bass tab

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