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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 297 STEVE VAI Tabs And 73 Backing Tracks
Learn All 210 PAUL GILBERT Tabs And 24 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

7 String Demo Song
10 Hour Guitar Workout
12 24 Ballerina
A Lighter Shade Of Green
Aching Hunger
Air Guitar Hell
Alive In An Ultra World
All About Eve
Amazing Grace
An Earth Dweller's Return
Angel Food
Answers G3
Asian Sky
Attitude Song G3 Live
Bad Horsie
Big Trouble Solo
Black Forest Germany
Bledsoe Blvd
Blood And Glory Song
Blood And Glory Song For England
Blue Powder
Boston Rain Melody
Brandos Costumes Gentle Ways
Building The Church
Burnin' Down The Mountain
Burning Rain Song For Japan
Butler's Bag
Call It Sleep
Carvin Legacy Intro
Christmas Time Is Here
Creamsickle Sunset
Crossroads Head Cuttin Duel
Crossroads Suite
Crossroads Suite Live In Seoul Korea
Damn You
Dave's Party Piece
Daves Party Piece Live
Down Deep Into The Pain
Details At Ten
Die To Live
Dirty Black Hole
Don't Sweat It
Drive The Hell Out Of Here
Duel From Crossroads
Dyin' Day
Erotic Nightmares
Eugenes Trick Bag
Fever Dream
Final Guitar Solo
Find The Meat
Fire Garden Suite
Firewall Intro
For The Love Of God
For the Love of God Live
Freak Show Excess
Freak Show Excess Intro
Fried Chicken
G3 1996
G3 1996 Solo
Gentle Ways
Get The Hell Out Of Here
Giant Balls Of Gold Song For Poland
Giant Balls Of Gold Intro
Greasy Kid's Stuff
Halo Theme
Halo 2 Theme - Mjolnir Mix
Hand On Heart
Head Cuttin Duel With Ry Cooder
Here And Now
Here I Am
Hey Jack
How Hidge
I Know You're Here
I Know Your Here G3
I Would Love To
Iberian Jewel
I'll Be Around
I'm Becoming
I'm Like A Bird
I'm The Hell Out Of Here
I'm Your Secrets
In My Dreams With You
Introducing The Wylde Stallions
Just Like Paradise
Kill The Guy With The Ball
Kill The Guy with The Ball - The
Light Of The Moon
Little Alligator
Loose Keg Sightings
Lotus Feet
Lotus Feet Solo
Louisiana Swamp Swank
Love Blood
Love Secrets
Lucky Charms
Maple Leaf
Meet The Reaper
Melissa's Garden
Midway Creatures
Murder Prologue
My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama G3 Live
Natural Born Boy
Now We Run Cue
Paganini 5th Caprice Crossroads
Play In The Style Of
Plug My A** In
Racing The World
Rescue Me Or Bury Me
Salamanders In The Sun
See Ya Next Year
Sex And Religion
Shy Boy
Smoke On The Water Live
Speed Metal Symphony
Star Spangled Banner
State Of Grace
Steve Vai 30 Hour Workout
Still My Bleeding Heart
Still Runnin'
Sunshine Electric Raindrops
Taurus Bulba
Tender Surrender
The Animal
The Audience Is Listening
The Attitude Song
The Axe Will Fall
The Battle
The Beast Of Love
The Black Forest
The Blood And Tears
The Boy From Seattle
The Cause Heads
The Crying Machine
The God Eaters
The Moon And I
The Mysterious Murder Of Christian Tiera’s Lover
The Reaper
The Reaper Rap
The Riddle
The Road To Mt. Calvary
The Silent Within
The Story Of Light
The Ultra Zone
The X-Equilibrium Dance
There's A Fire In The House
Touching Tongues
Under It All
Underground Garden
Viv Woman
Voodoo Acid
Wall Of Light
Warm Regards
Weeping China Doll Intro
Welcome Pre-Frosh
We're Not Gonna Protest
When I Dropped My Pants
Whispering A Prayer
Windows To the Soul
Wipeout 2000
Yai Yai
You Didn't Break It

2 Become 1
8 Bar Blues Lick
Alligator Farm
Amy Is Amazing
Atmosphere On The Moon
Bach Partita In Dm
Bach Partita In Dm Intro
Bach Prelude And Fugue No 5 In D Major
Bachs Bwv 779
Be My Wife
Boku No Atama
Bultaco Saturno Intro
Bultaco Saturno
Dancing Queen
Dont Rain On My Firewood Intro
Double Trouble
Down To Mexico - Intense Rock Ii
Down To Mexico
Down To Mexico Acoustic Intro
Drill Lick
Ears And Ayyyeeeeees
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Escalator Music
Eudaimonia Overture
Every Hot Girl Is A Rockstar
Flamingo Intro
Fly Me To The Moon
Friday Night
Full Tank
Fuzz Universe Solo
Fuzz Universe
Get It
Get Out Of My Yard Intro
Get Out Of My Yard
Gilberto Concerto
Girls Who Can Read Your Mind
Go Down Solo
Good Man
Guitar Sequences
Guitar Solo Tokyo
Haydn Symphony No 88 Finale
Heavy Disco Trip
Hurry Up
I Can Destroy Intro
I Cannot Tell A Lie
I Do
I Feel Love
I Like Rock
I Own A Building
I Still Have That Other Girl
I Understand Completely
Im Just In Love
Im Not Afraid Of The Police Intro
Im Not Afraid Of The Police
Individually Twisted
Intense Rock Intro
Intense Rock Video Vol 2
Intense Rock
Invention For Harpsichord No 8
Kate Is A Star
Lancelot Link
Legato Ex
Let The Computer Decide
Licks From Paul Gilbert
Marine Layer
Maybe Ill Die Tomorrow
Maybe Im A Leo
Metal Dog
My Naomi Solo
My Religion Intro
My Religion
My Teeth Are A Drumset
Norwegian Cowbell Solo
Norwegian Cowbell
Olympic Arpeggios
Pablo Wablo
Pablos Ballad
Paul Gilbert Lesson 1
Paul Gilbert Lesson 2
Paul Gilbert Lesson 3
Paul Gilbert Style Solo Lick
Paul Vs Godzilla Solo
Paul Vs Godzilla
Plastic Dracula
Rage Over A Lost Penny Intro
Rage Over A Lost Penny
Red Rooster
Rock Guitar Masterclass
Rusty Old Boat
Scarified Intro
Screaming Blues-O-Mania
Sequenced String Skipping
Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar
Six Billion People
Space Ship One
Straight Through The Telephone Pole
String Skipping
Suicide Lover Solo
Suite For Cello No 3
Symphonic Poem Mazeppa
Teaching 3
Technical Difficulties Solo
Technical Difficulties
Terrifying Guitar Trip
Terror Death Licks
The Curse Of Castle Dragon
The Echo Song Intro
The Echo Song
The Gargoyle
The Jig
The Last Rock And Roll Star
The Rhino
Three Es For Edward
Three Times Rana Live
To Be With You
Toccata And Fugue
Trans-Pseudo-Psycho-Rhythmic Phenomena
Twelve Twelve
Vivaldi - The Four Seasons
Waste Of Time
Well Tempered Clavier Bok 1 No1 Bwv846 Prelude
Whole Lotta Sonata
Will My Screen Door Stop Neptune
You Kids

All Songs Listed Below are Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

10 Steve Vai Style Licks solo tab
10-Hour Guitar Workout Studio tab
Additude Song intro tab
All About Eve Intro tab
All About Eve Solo tab
An Earth Deweler Return Intro tab
Bad Horsie bass tab
Bad Horsie Intro tab
Bad Horsie solo tab
Ballerina 12 2 tab
Beethovens 5th tab
Big Trouble Intro tab
Big Trouble Live Solo tab
Big Trouble Tab
Bill And Ted Final intro tab
Blood And Glory Intro tab
Blood And Glory Solo tab
Blowfish Intro tab
Blue Powder bass tab
Boy Girl Song Chords
Brother solo tab
Building The Church Intro tab
Building The Church Solo tab
Bull Whip Tab
Bump And Grind Tab
Creamsicle Sunset intro tab
Crying Machine Live Tab
Crying Machine solo tab
Crying Machine Tab
Die To Live intro tab

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