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Every CD Will Have The Following:
Tuxguitar Software Installation, Tuxguitar Tabs, Backing Tracks, Tablature Ebooks, Bonus PDF Tabs, Text Format Printable Tabs, Instructions and Free Bonuses Listed at the bottom of this AD

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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 361 ANTHRAX Tabs And 21 Backing Tracks
Learn All 142 SYMPHONY X Tabs And 24 Backing Tracks

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

1000 Points Of Hate
Across The River
Adi Horror Of It All
American Pompeii
Among The Living
Any Place But Here
Armed And Dangerous
Be All End All
Belly Of The Beast
Black Lodge
Blood Eagle Wings
Bring The Noise
Cadillac Rock Box
Caught In A Mosh
Chromatic Death
Death From Above
Fight Em Til You Can't
For All Kings
Friggin In The Riggin
Got The Time
Gung Ho
H8 Red
Howling Furies
Hy Pro Glo
I Am The Law
I Am The Law Intro
I'm Eighteen
I'm The Man
I'm The Man 91
Imitation Of Life
In My World
Inside Out
Intro To Reality
Keep It In The Family
Lone Justice
Make Me Laugh
Metal Thrashing Mad
Milk Ode To Billy
Misery Loves Company
Monster At The End
Nfb Dallabnikufesin
Nobody Knows Anything
Now It's Dark
One Man Stands
One World
Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
Packaged Rebellion
Piss And Vinegar
Poison My Eyes
Potter's Field
Protest And Survive
Random Acts Of Senseless Violence
Refuse To Be Denied
Room For One More
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Safe Home
Skeletons In The Closet
Soldiers Of Metal
SSC Stand Or Fall
Startin’ Up A Posse
Taking The Music Back
The Devil You Know
The Enemy
Think About An End
This Is Not An Exit
We're A Happy Family
What Doesn't Die
Who Cares Wins

A Fools Paradise
A Winters Dream
A Winters Dream Prelude Part I
A Winters Dream The Ascension Part Ii
Absence Of Light
Accolade Ii
Bastards Of The Machine
Candlelight Fantasia
Children Of A Faceless God
Church Of The Machine
Communion And The Oracle
Damnation Game
Dressed To Kill
Electric Messiah
Eve Of Seduction
Eve Of Seduction Intro
Eve Of Seduction Solo
Evolution The Grand Design
Frontiers Intro
In My Darkest Hour
In The Dragons Den
Incantations Of The Apprentice
Inferno Unleash The Fire
King Of Terrors
Kiss Of Fire
Lady Of The Snow
Light Up The Night Solo
Light Up The Night
Masquerade 98
Neoclassical Lick In A Minor
Oculus Ex Inferni
Of Sins And Shadows
On The Breath Of Poseidon
Orion The Hunter
Out Of The Ashes
Overture Intro
Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost Acoustic Solo
Prometheus I Am Alive
Rediscovery Part Ii - The New Mythology
Rediscovery Segue
Reign In Madness
Run With The Devil
Savage Curtain
Sea Of Lies Intro
Sea Of Lies Solo
Sea Of Lies
Serpents Kiss
Set The World On Fire
Seven Intro
Smoke And Mirrors
Swan Song
The Accolade Ii
The Accolade
The Bird-Serpent War Cataclysm
The Damnation Game
The Death Of Balance
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy
The Divine Wings Of Tragedy Intro
The Edge Of Forever
The End Of Innocence
The Eyes Of Medusa
The Haunting
The Lords Of Chaos
The Odyssey Part Iia Journey To Ithaca
The Odyssey Part Iib Journey To Ithaca
The Odyssey Part Iii The Eye
The Odyssey Part V Circe Daughter Of The Sun
The Odyssey Part Vii Champion Of Ithaca
The Odyssey
The Relic
The Sacrifice Acoustic Solo
The Sacrifice Intro
The Sacrifice
The Turning
The Walls Of Babylon
The Witching Hour
Thorns Of Sorrow
Through The Looking Glass
To Hell And Back
When All Is Lost
Without You

All Songs Listed Below are Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

604 Intro tab
604 tab
1000 Points Of Hate bass tab
1000 Points Of Hate Intro tab
1000 Points Of Hate Solo tab
A Skeleton In The Closet bass tab
A Skeleton In The Closet Intro tab
A Skeleton In The Closet Solo tab
Across The River Intro tab
Across The River Solo tab
Adi Horror Of It All Intro tab
Aftershock Intro tab
Air bass tab
Air Intro tab
Air Live Intro tab
American Pompeii bass tab
American Pompeii Intro tab
American Pompeii Live Intro tab
Among The Living album tab
Among The Living bass tab
Among The Living Intro tab
Among The Living Solo tab
Anthrax Intro tab
Antisocial Acoustic chords
Antisocial bass tab
Antisocial Intro tab
Antisocial Solo tab
Any Place But Here Intro tab
Any Place But Here tab
Armed And Dangerous bass tab
Armed And Dangerous Intro tab
Armed And Dangerous Solo tab
Auf Wiedersehen bass tab
Bare chords
Be All End All bass tab
Be All End All Intro tab
Be All End All Live Intro tab
Belly Of The Beast bass tab
Belly Of The Beast Intro tab
Belly Of The Beast Live Intro tab
Belly Of The Beast Solo tab
Black Lodge bass tab
Black Lodge Intro tab
Black Lodge Live Intro tab
Blood Eagle Wings intro tab
Blood Eagle Wings Live Intro tab
Blood Eagle Wings Solo tab
Born Again Idiot Intro tab
Born Again Idiot tab
Breathing Lightning Intro tab
Breathing Lightning Solo tab
Breathing Lightning tab
Bring The Noise bass tab
Bring The Noise Intro tab
Bring The Noise Live Intro tab
Burst bass tab
Burst Intro tab
Burst Solo tab
C11 H17 N2 O2 S Na bass tab
C11 H17 N2 O2 S Na Intro tab
C11 H17 N2 O2 S Na Solo tab
Cadillac Rock Box Intro tab
Cadillac Rock Box Solo tab
Cadillac Rock Box tab
Caught In A Mosh bass tab
Caught In A Mosh Intro tab
Caught In A Mosh Live Solo tab
Caught In A Mosh solo tab
Chromatic Death Intro tab
Contact Intro tab
Crush Intro tab
Cupajoe bass tab
Cupajoe Intro tab
Death From Above Intro tab
Deathrider Intro tab
Defend Avenge bass tab
Discharge Intro tab
Drop The Ball Intro tab
Drop The Ball solo tab
Drop The Ball tab
Efilnikufesin Nfl Intro tab
Efilnikufesin Nfl Solo tab
Evil Twin chords
Fight Em Til You Cant bass tab
Fight Em Til You Cant chords
Fight Em Til You Cant intro tab
Fight Em Til You Cant Live Solo tab
Fight Em Til You Cant Solo tab
Finale Intro tab
Friggin In The Riggin Intro tab
Fueled bass tab
Fueled Intro tab
God Save The Queen Intro tab
God Save The Queen Solo tab
God Save The Queen tab
Got The Time bass tab
Got The Time Intro tab
Got The Time Solo tab
Gung Ho bass tab
Gung Ho Intro tab
Gung Ho Solo tab
H8 Red Intro tab
Howling Furies Solo tab
Hy Pro Glo bass tab
Hy Pro Glo Intro tab

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