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Welcome to USA Pro Guitar & Bass Tabs

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This Lesson CD will work for Windows, Linux and MAC computers

Every CD Will Have The Following:
Tuxguitar Software Installation, Tuxguitar Tabs, Backing Tracks, Tablature Ebooks, Bonus PDF Tabs, Text Format Printable Tabs, Instructions and Free Bonuses Listed at the bottom of this AD

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Digital Audio TuxGuitar Play/Editor Tab Lesson Software CD

Learn All 159 AMERICA Tabs And Play 12 Backing Tracks
Learn All 14 FIREFALL Tabs

All songs listed below are Tuxguitars Tabs

A Horse With No Name
A Horse With No Name Acoustic
All My Life
Daisy Jane
Don't Cross The River
Head And Heart
I Need You
Inspector Mills Solo
Lonely People
Muskrat Love
Only In Your Heart
Sister Golden Hair
Star Spangled Banner
Tin Man
Ventura Highway
Woman Tonight
You Can Do Magic

You Are The Woman

All Songs Listed Below are Chords, Tabs in Text and in PDF

1 chords
1960 chords
A Horse With No Name Acoustic chords
A Horse With No Name bass Solo tab
A Horse With No Name bass tab
A Horse With No Name intro tab
A Horse With No Name Live Acoustic Intro tab
A Horse With No Name Live Solo tab
A Horse With No Name Solo tab
All Around chords
All My Life Acoustic chords
All My Life Intro tab
All My Life solo
Amber Cascades Chords
And Forever chords
Another Try chords
California Revisited chords
Cant You See chords
Cast The Spirit chords
Chasing The Rainbow chords
Children chords
Christmas In California chords
Clarice chords
Cornwall Blank chords
Crazy In Love Intro tab
Crazy In Love tab
Crying In My Sleep chords
Daisy Jane Acoustic chords
Donkey Jaw chords
Dont Cross The River Acoustic chords
Dont Cross The River bass tab
Dont Cross The River Intro tab
Dont Cry Baby chords
Everyone I Meet Is From California chords
Glad To See You chords
Green Monkey Intro tab
Green Monkey Solo tab
Green Monkey tab
Half A Man chords
Hangover chords
Hat Trick chords
Head And Heart Acoustic chords
Here chords
Hollywood chords
I Need You Acoustic chords
In The Sea chords
Indian Summer Intro tab
Indian Summer Solo tab
Indian Summer tab
Inspector Mills Acoustic chords
Inspector Mills chords
Its Life chords
Jet Boy Blues Intro tab
Jet Boy Blues Solo tab
Jet Boy Blues tab
Lonely People Acoustic chords
Lonely People Acoustic Live chords
Lonely People bass tab
Lonely People Intro tab
Lonely People Solo tab
Love On The Vine chords
Lovely Night chords
Loves Worn Out Again chords
Mad Dog chords
Mans Road chords
Molten Love chords
Moon Song chords
Muskrat Love Acoustic chords
Muskrat Love bass tab
Muskrat Love Intro tab
My Country Tis Of Thee Intro tab
My Country Tis Of Thee tab
Never Be Lonely bass tab
Never Found The Time chords
Old Man Took chords
Only Game In Town chords
Only In Your Heart Acoustic chords
Only In Your Heart bass tab
Only In Your Heart Intro tab
Only In Your Heart Outro tab
Pages chords
Paradise Acoustic chords
People In The Valley chords
Pigeon Song chords
Rainbow Song chords
Rainy Day chords
Right Back To Me chords
Right Before Your Eyes chords
Riverside bass tab
Riverside Intro tab
Riverside Solo tab
Riverside tab
Rudolph Valentino chords
Sandman Acoustic chords
Sandman bass tab
Saturn Nights chords
Shes A Liar chords
Shes Beside You chords
Shes Gonna Let You Down chords
Sister Golden Hair Acoustic chords
Sister Golden Hair Acoustic Intro tab
Sister Golden Hair bass Intro tab
Sister Golden Hair bass tab
Sister Golden Hair intro tab
Sister Golden Hair Solo tab
Someday Well Know chords
Sometimes Lovers bass tab
Sometimes Lovers chords
Survival chords
Thats All Ive Got To Say chords
The Border chords
The Last Unicorn bass tab
The Last Unicorn chords
The Story Of A Teenager chords
Three Roses chords
Till The Sun Comes Up Again chords
Tin Man Acoustic chords
Tin Man bass Intro tab
Tin Man bass tab
Tin Man Intro tab
Tin Man Solo tab
To Each His Own chords
Todays The Day chords
Ventura Highway Acoustic chords
Ventura Highway bass tab
Ventura Highway intro tab
Walk In The Woods chords
Watership Down chords
What Does It Matter chords
Who Loves You chords
Willow Tree Lullaby chords
Wind Wave chords
Woman Tonight bass tab
X-Plorer Intro tab
X-Plorer Solo tab
X-Plorer tab
You Can Do Magic bass tab
You Can Do Magic chords
You Can Do Magic intro tab
You Girl chords

Cinderella chords
Goodbye I Love You chords
Headed For A Fall Acoustic chords
It Doesnt Matter chords
Just Remember I Love You bass tab
Just Remember I Love You Chords
Mexico chords
Only A Fool chords
So Long chords
Strange Way Acoustic chords
Strange Way chords
You Are The Woman Acoustic chords
You Are The Woman solo tab

All Songs listed below are Backing Tracks in MP3 format
All Backing Tracks have bass, drums and some vocals

Amber Cascades
California Revisited
Horse With No Name
I Need You
Lonely People
Ride Back To Me
Sister Golden Hair
Tin Man
The Last Unicorn
Ventura Highway
You Can Do Magic

Plus 237 Free Bonus Tuxguitar Tab Lessons On The CD Including:
44 Blues Lessons
7 Chord lessons
39 Heavy Metal Lessons
50 Rock Lick Lessons
46 Scales & Arpeggios Lessons
10 Shredding Lessons
9 Slide Lessons
32 Tapping Lessons
PDF Guitar Chord Chart
Digital Guitar Tuner

Tuxguitar CD's are Shipped Free First Class Mail With Delivery Confirmation in The United States

The Tabulature Is Played Using Tuxguitar Editing Software On Your Computer Screen
No More Having To Read The Bulk Of Tab Books
The Software Plays A Computerized Midi Version Of The Song That HIGHLIGHTS THE CHORDS AND NOTES Being Played Note By Note
The Guitar Fretboard At The Bottom Of The Screen Displays A DOT IMAGE With The Note Being Played
Improve Your Timing As You Learn Your Favorite Songs
There Are Stop, Pause, Play, Rewind And Fast Forward Buttons
Pause The Song Or Play The Song Slower And Repeat Sections That Are Tough
Auto Scroll While Playing
Loop Any Part Of A Song For Continuous Play
Convert Tabs To Midi And ASCII Format
Create And Edit Songs You Have Written While Changing The Tuning Of Your Strings
The Tabs Can Be Used With Guitar Pro Software

Digital Audio Sound And Many More Features
Tablature Editor
Score Viewer
Multitrack Display
Select Voice 1 Or Voice 2
Page Layout Or Linear Layout
Auto Scroll While Playing
Note Duration Management

Brisksale only gives me 1000 words to describe what I am selling but I actually need 5000 words

Policy Buyer pays for return shipping for a full refund
Local pickup available near area shown
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